Sausage & Pepper Submarine Sandwiches Recipe

Sausage & Pepper Submarine Sandwiches Recipe

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The mere mention of it strikes a chord into the heart of any foodie. Sausage and pepper subs have always held a special place in my household because it was one of those dishes my father holds so dear. So on this Fatherís Day Quickbites Dani Spies shows us how to make this sandwich staple quick and easy!

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Servings: 4 Change to: US Metric

(Chicken, cloves of garlic, extra virgin olive oil, onion, oregano, pepper, Peppers, Sauce, tomato, turkey, water)

5-6 links of sweet or spicy turkey sausage
1 cup water
1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1/3 cup low sodium chicken broth
3 cloves of garlic, chopped
1 large (or 2 small) onion, cut into wedges
3 bell peppers (any color), sliced lengthwise
2 tsp fresh oregano, chopped
sprinkle of red chili pepper flakes
15 oz. can of tomato sauce
hero rolls, split lengthwise


1) In a large non stick skillet, add sausage links, water and olive oil and cover over medium heat. Five minutes later take off the lid and allow the remaining water to evaporate and let the oil brown the sausages. Once browned remove sausages and let cool.
2) In the same pan add garlic, onion, bell peppers and broth. Cook until slightly softened, about 4 minutes. Add oregano and red pepper flakes. After a quick stir, add tomato sauce and sausage back to pan.
3) Once everything is heated thru, it's time to load up your hollowed hero rolls. Pile up your sandwich and enjoy!!!

A little submarine sandwich trivia:

According to legend, the submarine sandwich was brought to the US by Dominic Conti, an Italian immigrant who came to New York in the early 1900s. He named the sandwich after a submarine hull he had seen on display. During World War II, the sandwiches were served by the thousands to soldiers at the submarine base in Groton, Connecticut which cemented the legend that the sandwiches originated in Groton.

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